Thought for the Day

October 5, 2012|8:46 am


This is a link to a great blog I read this morning. The author makes a wonderful point about an area we all wish we could be better at: Evangelism.

I know the thought sometimes makes me cringe as it is an area I know I am not an example to be imitated when it comes to sharing my faith.

Stepping out as a radical homeschooling mama of twelve who espouses her beliefs in how to raise children in today’s society is a huge effort to me. As my core soapbox speech includes thoughts that don’t jibe with what most conservative homeschoolers believe I often find my sharing shot down or utterly dismissed as “non-biblical”. Yet God has put me in positions to share these things time and time again.. even when I have begged Him not to! So share I do.

BUT share my faith? EVANGELISE???? That’s hard! Yet isn’t that exactly the great commission? Do we even need the lord to remind us to do this? well YES, but should we need the Lord to remind us? Uh, NO? We just should GO and DO!

Hard stuff.. thoughts to ponder…prayers to say and answers to seek. What are your thoughts? What do you do to reach out and have someone feel as if their life has been touched by someone who knows Jesus?

Article by David Mathis?