Blessed by

January 18, 2013|6:49 pm

My wonderful friends from co-op. It is so wonderful to know I can take off when I need to. I am currently visiting my son and his beautiful family and having a great time with them. Brought the youngest four and due to gorgeous weather they are getting fresh air and sunshine as they play with the next generation.

Have a great weekend!

Ever wonder

January 10, 2013|8:58 am


Why a verse you have known and read for years suddenly comes across in bright colorful style every time you read it?

I have encountered this verse several times lately and it practically LEAPS off the page or screen each time I see it.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together  for good,  for  those who are called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28)


January 2, 2013|11:31 pm

I gave my daughter a challenge to blog at least 20 times during the month of January. She accepted.

NOW I have to keep up.

She is also doing a mini list of projects as she works and completes them. Guess I need to do that also. Here we go.

You saw the pics of the craft room. That project is done and making me totally excited to start on some scrapping projects.

Next is the bathroom in our bedroom area.

I won’t be starting it tomorrow as that will be my planning day for our homeschool. We start again on January 7th and I haven’t even checked out where the children ended in their books while I was in Texas. I also have a meeting with one of the mamas who has been taking an active roll in the co-op. So I guess Friday’s resolution is to clean and add some shelving and cupboard space to my bathroom.

I guess as long as I keep moving on these projects I’ll have lots of scrapping, crocheting, cleaning and organizing, and maybe even some fun  (or not so fun?) school stuff to blog about.

I am so excited..

January 1, 2013|1:59 pm

To have my crafting, scrapping, stamping, felting, school project, game and puzzle area done. Pat added the last coat of paint to the top of the table at about midnight for me.

They say pictures are worth more than words so here goes:

2012 craft table 098

From the doorway looking left. I added photo boxes to the stash I had previously. I love them

because you can label them. Pictures’, Stamps, Punches.. whatever you want them to hold.


2012 craft table 097

IKEA shelves are awesome. We got this one half price a few years ago as it had a ding in the front.

We turned it around since the only way we new that was the front was because they told us so!

The white rolling cart is from Michaels and pulls easily up to the table.

2012 craft table 099

When mom died, dad gave me her three glass cabinets . She used them for scrapping stuff.

I now have two in the dining room with my china on display and the third is here holding paper and tools.

Table is primed here.


2012 craft table 102

Plastic drawers and holders hide nicely under the table since it is on rollers.


2012 craft table 103

My wonderful hubby painting my table at 11 pm on New Year’s eve.

2012 craft table 109

TA DA! I love my new space!

Pictures are a bit blurry as one of my little men (grandson) played with the settings on my camera yesterday!