Gratituesday: 9-2-14

September 2, 2014|7:08 pm

Today I am grateful for my messy house. It’s well lived in and well loved. It shows and reflects our fun, active messy life!
That doesn’t mean I would turn down a cleaning fairy… but this house was a gift from God and I and my family have been blessed by it.

It’s that time again..

|6:34 am

Fall is quickly approaching and amidst the busy work of gardening and school planning, I think, “I should blog about that”. A great idea in theory, but once we’re done making a counter full of salsa and putting up 75 pounds of corn into the freezer I am way to tired. That was yesterdays achievement. Earlier this week we managed to actually can about 14 quarts of applesauce (and to eat a bunch) and to freeze about 26 bags of corn for a total of 60 pounds. Even setting some aside for my in-laws and for some of the adult children that live nearby I have enough to get through the winter. That is a good feeling!

Today needs to see progress on a lug and a half of peaches sitting here. Hmmmm and maybe, just maybe a little bit of school planning?…maybe.