Prayers please

September 24, 2015|7:53 am

Tomorrow night we have our first Elevate Women meeting. These are going to be monthly meetings for now. I am hoping that other women will step in and plan a meeting or three this year but for right now I’m doing it. After our organizational meeting I came away with a few thoughts. Women want relationships, they want meat to chew on spiritually but often do not feel like they have time to follow up on a topic or study and they do not want another thing on their to-do lists.

Did I mention they want relationships? Every single woman who came to our meeting said she thought there was a connection piece missing. I’d like to fix that. I know it’s not up to me but I can provide one place, one time a month for women to connect at our church. I can also then use that one time to make sure we who start this can connect to others and invite them. It’s easier to start a conversation with another women at church if I have a specific topic to address. ” Hey have you heard we are getting together on Friday night for some fun and snacks? ”

So prayers please that tomorrow nights meeting will touch someone and make them feel connected.

on clothing

September 22, 2015|7:26 am

This mornings blog cruising led me to several articles on the clothing we wear.

Using what we wear to express who we are or who we would like to be. Using our clothing to to express our beliefs and values. I have to admit it’s an area that I used to have very strong opinions on but I’ve let slide. Once upon a time I dreamed of wearing only beautiful clothing made or repurposed ethically that felt comfortable. Instead I mostly wear jeans and t shirts and sweatshirts with an occasional dress or skirt thrown in. I’ve done some considerable pruning of my wardrobe recently and love the fact that I can walk into my closet and see all the clothes that I own. I have to say that there are a few more items I should let go off. I haven’t tried the many coats and jackets lurking in the back of my closet on since I lost a few pounds this summer. It may be thatI will not have to decide what to eliminate. It may be very obvious.

I started this article by calling it “On Slowing Down” but will now go change the title as what I meant to say typed up totally differently! It’s all part and parcel of the many thoughts roaming through my head regarding living life deliberately rather than at the frantic pace that often comes just trying to keep up with a family the size of mine with the commitment level to various activities that we have. WOW now that was a run away sentence wasn’t it?

I would like to move forward with clothes that impact the earth in good ways allowing for as little consumerism as possible. Using thrift stores and homemade clothing etc. I think I’ll start my quest with the new dress I need for the wedding I’m attending in October. I actually have two weddings but am comfortable with something in my closet for the first wedding. If I happen to find something new in time I may wear it to both because only my daughter will see me at both!

Well it’s time to pay attention to the many children milling through the dining room starting their day.

Proverbs 31

21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

22 She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.

commonplace thoughts are those

September 21, 2015|7:07 am

worthy of more thought and contemplation:

“Life is itself a school, and Nature always a fresh study.” . — Hugh Miller, 1802-1856

Fall evenings

September 20, 2015|7:00 am

I love the nice cool weather of the fall.

If it’s cool enough to don a sweatshirt and sit around a campfire it’s the best weather in the world as far as I am concerned. Add in some music and my evening is made. Bethany and Aimée have  really picked up their guitar playing. They practice a fair amount and learn more whenever they have a chance. I wish we had had the ability and finances to encourage more of our older children to pursue music.  I know I’ll keep pushing the younger  children to learn anything they can. Music speaks to the soul.

Last night was so beautiful and it was made more perfect by grandchildren  and our younger guys and their friends running around in the dark, some campfire food and apple cider around the campfire and then music. Our friend Andy has a God given talent for not only music but also for encouraging others to play and enjoy.


It’s easy to wake up Sunday morning praising and ready to worship God when you go to bed Sunday night with worship on your heart and in your mind.


A couple of thoughts

September 14, 2015|6:46 am

In the last 24 hours I’ve heard or read two different statements that have me thinking.

The first one was from my pastor. He said he often asks the Lord to make him weird. I totally understood what he meant as our lifestyle is often deemed weird. ( You have how many?)

Then the next Statement was a quote of Francis Chan:

“Live your life in such a way that it demands explanation.”

As in live your life in a way that is so different from worldly societal norms that you have to explain why you are different.

Much food for thought. HMMM this would make an interesting coffee night out topic wouldn’t it?

Slogging through..

September 11, 2015|5:08 pm

At this point in my homeschool year I am ALWAYS reading other blogs, books and articles on organization. Organization of my life. Organization of my day. Organization of our school. Organization of my organization tools.

Well guess what? I cannot find anything ANYWHERE that is equal to my life! I’ve tried and tried.

It just doesn’t appear to exist.

Maybe because every other mother of twelve is smarter than I am? They have recognized that it is impossible? NO, as much as I would like to believe that I’m pretty sure that is not the case. More likely, they just don’t have time to write about the systems they have created!

I am going to stay with what I know works for me. Doing the next thing and the next. Prioritizing each next thing. Being free to set free the vegies I should have been doing today {when in reality The Not Back to School campout we went on was far more memory making} so they can bless someone else!

Here is to all you other Mamas who just keep on keeping on!

A whole year..

September 6, 2015|8:50 pm

It’s been an entire year since I posted on this blog. ONE. FULL. YEAR.
It’s time to take back my blogging life or let it go for the foreseeable future. Something inside me rebels at just giving up. So I think I’ll try for the taking control option.

Today we worked on a myriad of projects in our little corner of the world. The 12 beautiful quart jars of homemade tomato soup residing on my counter are very smile inducing!
They are promising us some cool relief from the tremendous humidity and heat we have had this past week plus. Calling for high seventies and low humidity for tomorrow is making those of us MN State Fair bound look forward to the day.