Princess Circle

December 4, 2009|9:12 pm

Well today we met for our first ever princess circle. This is a literature group for mama’s and their daughters. My hope is that by studying great lit, especially the fun classics of by gone eras, we will be able to gently guide our daughters into being genuine princesses of their Heavenly Father. In the way they act , talk and serve others. I think that I am finding that I am going to be as affected by these studies as my daughters.

I heard somewhere, not to long ago, a radio person say that as we grow more towards Christ our tears fall easier. I jokingly said to a friend.. see we are not more hormonal.. we are growing more like Christ. And in my heart of hearts, I so want that to be true. I long to have the love He shows to all. Not just a chosen few BUT ALL of his children. I long to want to love all. Not just those in my comfortable circle but all those that I encounter. It is my desire to develop in my children a servant’s heart. But how does one do that? How do we show our children how blessed we are even in this economy and that there is still plenty of ways we can reach out? I have a few ideas on how I might do some of this, some suggested by my children even. And we will do those things. I pray they will impact my family and have them grow more as servants and children of our LORD.

In the meantime I will continue with fun things like our literature circle in the hope, and with the prayer, that discussions centered around books about people trying their best in whatever circumstances they find themselves will inspire my children to do the same. Todays lunch revolved around the Anne of Green Gables book. If you haven’t read this book about a fiery little redhead with HUGE dreams and plans do yourselves a favor and order today! Next time our book will be Pollyanna. I hope we will be able to have more discussion time about the characters in the book and how they live out their lives.  But even if we do not I know that I will make even more time for a good discussion with my girls.

Have a blessed night.

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