Almost the end of October

October 21, 2015|8:00 am

Doesn’t hardly seem possible. Here we are over midway through October. Where has this year gone? Seems like yesterday I was making new years resolutions to not make any resolutions! It has been a busy year with the children and grandchildren. I’m in the process now of reclaiming my house. ALL YEAR long we have gone from cluttered to worse. NOT my happy place at all. This week is the end of all that. There have been many times this year when the house was organized enough to look decent but I have always felt the lack of feeling that it’s good. That it might stay organized for longer than a day or two and that there are systems in place to keep it that way. Mostly due to all the changes in our lives over the last few years. Children moving out and going into the Army (Benjamin) and other children moving in and out with grandchildren and my father moving here from Texas last year. All welcome changes but changes none the less, that have impacted the fiber of our lives.

Yesterday was to be the beginning of the new order and in a way it as. We were going to take care of all the garden produce in our dining room. Some of the older children harvested  the last of the garden ahead of a freeze last week while I was in Utah for a beautiful wedding. Plans were underway to get a full day in and help was at hand as all available people were asked to help. Then we discovered the open freezer! Yes, I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination. We got by with a very small amount of food loss BUT the ensuing rescue required much cooking and de-boning etc. to save the thawed meats etc. The veggies that were lost made a wonderful fall treat for the chickens and the meat losses was truly much smaller than I had originally envisioned with the discovery.

Today I am going back to the original plan of working on pairing down the dining room by removing my tea cabinets, the desk that I have been using and if I am really ambitious sorting through a few cupboards. Much less help available today as many of the ones who had yesterday off must work today.

Something I’ve been pondering lately: Sustainability. Where are you on the scale of living a sustainable life? Do you do lots of things to live towards that kind of life? Or do you just not worry about it? Somewhere in between? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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