Multitude Monday again

January 4, 2010|8:12 pm

I realized I need to actually start counting my multitude of blessings.

SO here I go:

#6 my husband. #7 is my children. #8 a daughter willing to spend time homeschooling her siblings while I visit with my dad. #9 a dad who keeps fighting to be healthy..even when he is tired of being sick and in pain. #10 a visit with a long time friend. # 11 my husband being laid off today. I need to work on really being thankful for this. It is cold with temps way below zero and being laid off means being home to take care of things there. It means he is home to be daddy to boys and girls who relish times spent with him. Yes, it is hard to be on limited income,  but really God provides so much for us.. we truly are blessed beyond all we need.

#13 friends. Friends who can know from the sound of your voice that you need prayer. #14 cold temps that make you thankful for the heat. #15 white chocolate mocha. #16 God’s Grace.

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