We have become a lazy family..

January 27, 2010|8:01 am

or have we? It feels bad to stay in bed until 7 or 8 am almost everyday. Getting up at 6:15 this morning feels somehow a bit more virtuous. As if I am fulfilling some mandate that says homeschool mom’s should be up and moving early. HA the truth is that with dad home full time our schedules are just a bit different. Maybe I should just relax and enjoy the sleep. I know I enjoy the extra time at night up with the older children and Pat. Soon enough it will be time for early morning trips to work when spring comes. Then I can adjust my own schedule back to early rising. Isn’t it funny how we can have a list of should have and ought to’s in our minds that mean nothing to anyone but ourselves?

Well the coffee pot is done so think I will go enjoy a cup. Have a blessed day.

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