I have been doing some reading on the web…

March 1, 2010|4:56 pm

About healthy living, debt free living and sustainable living. I think it is rather naive to assume that everyone who wants to can have live an enjoyable life and provide all of their own home grown food. In today’s day and age who would want to live the kind of life required to provide all of your living from your own hands? Frankly, I love the luxury of having time for myself, to play with my children, read a great book or run to the local craft store and pick out new yarn for a fun crochet project. I also enjoy a great cup of coffee, preferably while reading a great book or the BOOK. But more and more I have the desire to produce as many of our edibles as possible. To that end I have declared the garden a family project of epic proportions this year. In recent past the entire garden has been left to eldest daughter ( her site can be found here ) and she has occasionally conscripted help and even had some volunteered.. some === very little..

Not this year. The plans include EVERYONE being responsible for at least one food item and EVERYONE being responsible for weeding, harvesting and helping to put up! I am sure this will be a source of growth for all of us! (pun intended!)

More to follow on this subject! We started garden planning today.. 9/10th of the fun of the garden according to my dad:>)

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