January 30, 2010|9:07 pm

How is that by listening to the music that made up our lives as youth we can relive those days? Tonight while going through some mp3 files I found an old album-dating myself here- that was a top hit when I was first dating my husband thirty plus years ago. Would I want my own now 15 year old belting out those songs? No WAY!  BUT.. wow can they bring out emotions in me: that first awesome thrill as you realize you are in love. Then when one line starts to play that was playing the first time we kissed… Wow the feelings all come rushing back. Maybe if I had  dated a bunch or had other relationships that were anything other than friendships I  would have negative memories also. Stands to reason. But that isn’t the case. I hear these songs and my heart throbs the way it did back then. After 12 children (the youngest  is trying to get me to hurry so I can read him and the 7 year old a bedtime story) that is a pretty cool feeling!

Think I’ll go listen to more music after they are in bed. OR maybe I’ll see if said hubby wants to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. Maybe Fireproof?

Good Night all!

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