Busy and wild everyday life.

February 17, 2010|8:36 pm

Lately life has gotten a bit out of control. We have had a great time with the busy..ordinary.. day to day life that has happened.. a visit to friends to go on a homeschool ski day.. we were gone three days.Then a few days later back to the Cities for a Valentine’s day party for one daughter and a weekend of Curling tournament for another couple of children. Some of the family went and some stayed at home. Hubby has painted the walls in the dining room and in  a never ending project has started on the cupboards.

The house has gotten out of control, so we are attempting to tame that monster. Our co-op has gotten out of control, with mini crisis and relationship issues, and I have been attempting to tame that. A friend and I were discussing the fact that God keeps allowing you to experience situations until you learn the lesson He has for you. I am trying to learn, but all I can do is my best, and pray He will allow it to be good enough. Another friend and I had a conversation regarding people pleasers and how that the sheer act of trying to please everyone often back fires when you are in a position of leadership or has the effect of manipulating people. BUT I am here to tell you that sometimes the act of doing the right thing instead of being a people pleaser can leave you feeling very open and vulnerable even if there is peace at doing God’s will. Ok so that was a long unintelligible rant and I seriously considered deleting it. But since it is truth and only a couple of you will recognize yourself and the influence you have on my life I’ll leave it.

I think I’ll end this with a new prayer.. after an interesting  discussion regarding blogs and bible studies.. (weird combo I know but both can really speak into our lives can’t they?)  I have decide to quit asking God to  to help me know His will and to instead help me to know Him more. Isn’t it easier to know what Someone wants and desires when we know that person?



2 Responses to “Busy and wild everyday life.”

  1. “I have decide to quit asking God to to help me know His will and to instead help me to know Him more. Isn’t it easier to know what Someone wants and desires when we know that person?”
    Wow, Julie! This really touched me…I want to live like this in so many relationships, especially with the Lord! I think this will bring back the simplicity and devotion to Him that is so easy to lose.
    Thanks! I am going to quote you! 🙂

  2. Quote away! It isn’t an original thought but it is slowly working it’s way into my heart and worship. I would love to spend some time talking about it if we find time to get visit. Maybe virtual visits will have to do as we come into the business of spring time? We started planning our garden today!