March 1, 2010|4:32 pm

Yesterday I decided to try a new recipe for pilgrims bread.. of course I never manage to make it according to someone else’s  recipe.. but we were quite happy with the end result. Enough so that I think we have finally found a bread we can make in enough quantity that we will slowly quit buying any store bread. Of course daddy may still have store bought white bread for his lunches when he returns to work.. if he so chooses;>).



As I was waiting for the bread to rise Bethany decided to make her latest specialty:

whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins

whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins

We have enjoyed a few batches of these muffins and they will be the first thing put in her own personal three ring cookbook notebook.

For co-op last week Bethany recited a poem she had memorized by William Cole.


I thought I’d win the spelling bee

and get right to the top

but I started to spell banana

and didn’t know when to stop!

One Response to “bread”

  1. The bread was great! Even after we forgot to wrap it up and it sat out on the counter all night it sliced up nice and tasty!! And Bethy’s muffins are yummy too!!