Thoughts on reading aloud..

March 14, 2010|8:32 pm

I don’t post tons on our school because I  don’t like opening myself or my children up to comments but after responding a couple of different time on one of my yahoo groups I felt like thinking out loud here. The conversation on the list started because someone wanted to know if there was an advantage academically to read out loud to her children. As long as her children were reading capably on their own was that good enough, or should she continue to read the parts of the curriculum they were using out loud just because her teacher manual said so. With some give and take we realized she wasn’t reading to her children at all other than that.

My response to her was this:

At our house reading aloud is all about making memories. When I first started 29 yrs ago with our first new born it was just because that was what I heard it took for them to love books. And I wanted to give my children everything I never had.. Now I read aloud because the sweetest sound is “Oh mom remember when you read us_________?  Have you read that to the little ones yet?”

Nothing of any real importance but since I have been slacking in the find finding time to read out loud department it was a good reminder to myself.  I found time then,  last night to read out of The Burgess Book of Animals .

Any night (or day) you can curl up with a child and a book is a good one don’t you think?



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