Been busy!

March 17, 2010|9:59 pm

After having a fun day with one sister in law and her girls yesterday we were surprised today with a visit from another sister and law and her boys today! We had a lovely visit and the children enjoyed the almost 50 degree weather by playing outside most of the day. It was hard to turn the childrens attention to math and reading for a short while before supper but they dug in and got stuff done. Habits are a great thing and the daily habit of getting “stuff” done is an awesome power. Dané  and I even found time for more bible study. Her with the NIV,  and I with the NKJ, cross referencing verses!

After supper I have been working on going through more boxes of books that we pulled out of storage and putting together descriptions for the co-op classes for next year. I am typing this and heading off to bed!


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