Lambs and gardens and homeschool planning..oh MY!

April 3, 2010|9:44 am

It has been gorgeous here in sunny MN. Spring is busting out all over. New lambs and the green grass are growing at a phenomenal rate. To see the newest babies here on the farm pop over to my daughter’s site. Listed in the right hand side bar under favorite links.

For us to lose one lamb a year is excessive. This year tow have died within a day of their births so there has been some sadness mixed in with the joy of new life.

Here are a few spring time cuties. My niece took the photos and I photo lifted them from her facebook! Thanks Tessi!


Here is Jeffrey helping 2 yr old Destiny get to know a baby lamb.


Tessi (my niece) and her daughter destiny (2) pose with Jeffrey (13) and our first born lamb of the season.

It has gotten chilly again.. after all it is only early April here! So other than doing seedlings in the library we aren’t doing much in the garden yet. The time is coming quickly though as we need to get the root crops in and any lettuces and peas we are growing.  The rhubarb is poking it’s curly heads up and I cannot wait for the first cake of the season. I can almost taste it now!

We are busy planning the co-op for next year and I am working on my homeschool plans for this summer and next year. I even made a wonderful daily planner and I love it. We will see how effective it actually is to implement next week. I’ll  try and take pictures of it and report in later in the week.

Off to get ready for Easter.

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