May 5, 2010|9:58 pm

Has become the scrapbook I don’t have time for. I miss my scrapbooking. I have tons of supplies and pictures but the work of getting it all out and together is just too much work. So I come here and blog. or think about blogging! I have all these ideas for posts and only get to one every now and then. Most of them aren’t worth the digital and virtual space they take but I still have fun!

Someday maybe I’ll find time to pull out all that scrap book stuff. I did it about two months ago and even got ten pages done. I still have about thirty to go to finish Matt and Monica’s scrapbook (from their wedding). Hmm maybe by the time of their tenth or twentieth wedding anniversary?

I think maybe it is time to check into digital scrapbooking. Anyone have any great programs they like? I know mom was playing with it before she died and had bought into a site but I didn’t keep the info she had. Maybe I’ll have to look through the pile of program discs I have of hers.

Have a blessed night!

One Response to “Blogging…”

  1. Hey Julie,
    I finally set my scrapbooking up on it’s own table with a lamp and everything for the summer. I’ve decided to do all the pictures of our whole married life. It is so much fun. I am not bragging here; I am just saying that this is how I decided to win the no time battle. I can work at it a little each day now.
    Everybody in this house is enjoying the twenty years of unearthed pictures as I work.