Decisions to be made.. are done!

May 24, 2010|7:48 pm

O.K. I have my choices for the American history co-op narrowed down.. and the winner is …KONOS. Volume 2 to be exact. We will use parts of the Responsibility unit in our colonization study. The War Between the States from the Courage unit and then the Wisdom sections pertaining to Founding Fathers, Government and the Constitution.  Tomorrow I hope to have this defined by week and loaded into the Co-op section of my blog.

KONOS is a curriculum I have used,  loved and the fact that I already own it and I don’t have to buy anything is pretty darn good also!  Some of my children’s  favorite homeschooling memories are from KONOS studies.  I hope to create more favorites for them and all of the children enrolled in the American history portion of the co-op I started.

The co-op is close to being full for next year and it is time to get all things finalized. I have ordered the science and have the books I plan on using for Nature Notebooking here already. We have a meeting scheduled for June 1st to go over books needed etc. I hope to have supply lists and needs for all curriculum completed by then so that purchases can be made during June. I’d like to spend the summer concentrating on my own homeschool and not running around for the co-op.

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