Crafts and hay and housework and homeschool OH MY!

May 29, 2010|3:53 pm

It has been busy around here. Pat and many of the boys have been working on leveling and putting new foundation under his mom’s garage. Dané has been gardening with some help from the children.  Aimée harvested her first strawberry of the year!Jim has been out raking hay so we can bale and harvest while the sun still shines. The forecast is for thunderstorms tomorrow.

Nick and Peyten came by and stole Pat and Jeff away for a little fishing this afternoon. Since it is ninety and sunny I am afraid they will come home baked!

I have been busy shuffling curriculum for our co-op next year and our own homeschool for this summer. Making plans and reading reviews. Today I printed several things and ran to Office Max and had them coil bound. I love my comb binder but sometime having a book lay completely flat is important. Later tonight or tomorrow I will post about our curriculum choices for now and next fall. I always love reading why others have chosen various products and projects to pursue so will take the time this year to define my choices and picks.

Well time to finish my spaghetti sauce and put it in the crock pot to stay hot until we have a break in the haying job!

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