What a relief!

October 24, 2009|9:01 pm

The spot in the girls’ bedroom was not a leak in the house! It was just “something” on the wall. I know my grandson had a time or two when he put lotion and/ or shampoo on the walls. This was apparently one of those spots! All’s well that ends well!

Today the library was painted Burgundy Wine- a deep americana red color that I love. I think we were all a bit concerned that it would be dark in the small room but so far we are thrilled with it. Tomorrow we will touch it up and then move all the computers and the TV center and games etc. into that room. That means we can then clean the dining room up and reclaim it as a place to eat and relax in. I will also love having a place to store my co-op school stuff in that is out of site.

My new book came yesterday. It is a book called Crazy Love and it is all about our relationship with God. I am planning on spending a little time with it tomorrow and hope to read a bunch this week and catch up with the online book club that is reading it. I so need to get my quiet time back on track. It is hard to pour out into others lives when I am not taking time to fill up my own. God has blessed me with much in this life and I want to have the energy and desire to bless others.

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