A Modern Adventure of Two Little Boys

June 20, 2010|10:15 pm

Recently my two youngest were out back playing. Spying them in the tall grass wearing their coonskin caps and slinking around the fort and trees I called out and asked what they were playing. They answered “war”. I asked if they were Cowboys and Indians or fur trappers. ” Neither mom! Can’t you tell ?” No who are you fighting? “Mom! we are fighting the aliens.. you know the ones on Ben’s video games??” Hmm guess I am out of touch with what modern little boys battle!

the guns don't exactly match the caps. Do they?

I am not sure what he is hiding in his shirt? A Lazer?

someone might be hiding behind that Tshirt on the line!

Taking aim..

endless possibilities for hiding..

One Response to “A Modern Adventure of Two Little Boys”

  1. isn’t homeschooling wonderful!