I have been living life instead of blogging about it.

July 14, 2010|7:24 am

Saturday morning I went to Joyce Meyers in the twin cities with my friend Laurie. It was awesome. I really went because my friend wanted to. I did spend quite some time asking the Lord to let me be open for whatever He wanted me to get out of it (can you tell I wasn’t expecting much?). Well long story short..she touched on our spiritual giftings. opened my eyes.. I started questioning.. did some Bible research.. talked to a couple of friends about their giftings and did some more research. God gave me some pretty great insights to myself and the spiritual gifts. I know it is trite to say the Lord is AWESOME or that He is AMAZING but isn’t He?

Yesterday I took a break from school and co-op planning to take the children to the COMO zoo. My friend, who doesn’t care a bit for zoo,s met me so we could exchange some girls for the week. She impressed me by staying for over an hour.. which proves she likes me more than dislikes zoos! 🙂 On the way up I had a fun conversation with a friend who has moved to MO ( HI! Karen). on the drive home I had a bit if time to chat when a friend from Wisconsin with a very busy life called.

Today it is back to co-op things.. no homeschool here this week with the child exchange we did. It is supposed to storm today so maybe several movies with the children this afternoon. The children have the first three discs of “Family Affair” from way back when out from Netflix.

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