School Again.. (those of you who do not home educate may want to skip reading my blog this month!)

July 2, 2011|9:35 am

Well I do have to say that making the decision to switch our homeschool to Tapestry of Grace has really changed my homeschool planning for the year. Last year I bought and used one unit and also bought some Teacher Trainings. Even though I have been doing this homeschool thing in various guises for quite some time now these videos really helped me focus on defining what each of my children needs to have customized for them.

The Tapestry of Grace website and the year specific yahoo groups have been fantastic resources. I have also spent a lot of time cruising blogs that are written by moms who use TOG and blog about it. I have such a plethora of ideas and for once they are already in my planner in some form or other. I have taken a few minutes to add the changes that the creative moms have made right into my planner so that when we get to those weeks I have a choice of how to do things. Or should I say my children have a choice? I am really trying to turn over a lot of responsibility and control to the children. They have long heard from me that it is their job to get an education.. my job is to facilitate that. I cannot force feed anyone an education.

Co-op is coming together and I hope to post more in the very near future about our local co-op. So many of the ladies have looked at TOG that we may even be able to incorporate some TOG classes by next year. In the meantime our 2011 / 2012 Christian Community Co-op is full of exciting classes and all of the moms who are teaching are working hard to plan an educational experience for the children.

Today’s plan is to make the workbooks for weekly evaluations for each of my children. As usual I looked at the way they are made and immediately saw a slightly different way to utilize them for a couple of my students with learning differences. I’ll try and post a pic and description later this weekend.

For those of you here in the Midwest with us.. isn’t the break from the past few days heat wonderful? I am enjoying my morning coffee immensely!

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