Step 2.. prioritize

July 7, 2011|9:07 am

pri·or·i·tize (pr-ôr-tz, –r-)

v. pri·or·i·tized, pri·or·i·tiz·ing, pri·or·i·tiz·es

To arrange or deal with in order of importance.


To put things in order of importance:

according to


I am already set on most of my curriculum for the year. I have bought my year plan from Tapestry of Grace and gathered my books. TOG includes history, geography and fine arts. As we are doing year one there is enough bible to award a separate high school credit for that. Because math was a huge priority for us last year that is already in place and the children have been making steady progress so no decision making there.

This year our focus is on writing. Structure, grammar, essay and creative anything under the heading of mechanics of writing. There is a fair amount of writing in TOG and we will do a bunch of that but I also want to make sure we are making progress in the basics of structure, usage and styles of writing. I have at least one child who is writing a story that could be turned into a novel and have played with the idea of getting The One Year Adventure Novel. Expensive program but with what is included looks like it could be a fair value and the reviews I have found really stress the learning that has taken place.  I also need to decide if I am also going to use a grammar program for all or any. Spelling is definitely a necessity for a couple of the children also!

I need to keep in mind what classes the children are taking at co-op this year and leave enough time for them to complete those assignments, too. Last year they fit it in willy- nilly and I would like a bit more structure to their work times. Isaac will really need it as he has at least three high school level courses that will have follow up work at home to be considered a course. The homeschool mama that runs the book club that Jeffrey and Isaac are in is offering a high school level Lit and later this year an advanced speech. Logic and an IEW based Fix-it grammar and poetry class are looking very interesting too.

So today’s assignments for myself.. continue to pray and list all curriculum available for each child for each subject I would like them to cover.


* if your curious why I am blogging about the steps of my planning. I was given a challenge to make my blog better by 1) using it to write about what is important to me each day and use it as a springboard to accomplish my to-dos. and 2) to complete a 31 posts in 31 days blog challenge. So all the little lists and thoughts that I would normally scrawl on note paper as I process things while talking with friends and family are being jotted down here. If someday they help another mama plan out the steps that is an added bonus!

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