Still working on steps 1 and 2

July 14, 2011|9:39 pm

Praying and Prioritizing.. making plans and submitting them to the Lord. Taking ‘em back and having to do it all over again. I am making progress. I a m m a k I n g progress….. it is maybe slower than I like…. (that might be age) or it just might be meeting other people’s needs. Something I pray the Lord will let me do with a right heart and strong desire of servant-hood.  Whatever the reason, I need to to rejoice in the fact that progress has forward momentum.

One of the projects on my to do list was to create the workbooks I envisioned for my children for Tapestry of Grace. Marcia Somerville, author of TOG suggests making the books as you go and having the children put finished pages in a three ring binder and I really want to be successful with this curricula so I REALLY had planned on following her advice. Then HELLOO!!! Reality check: I lead a VERY BUSY LIFE.  I am often side tracked by family, friends, co-op, a great book.. well you get the idea. So back to the original plans:

tog notebooks 015 

First I made a book with the work pages and some of the evaluation sheets that I intend to use as research assistant sheets. I really like Year ones evaluations at the upper grammar and dialectic level for this. My children will know what information they are to be looking for as they look at the sheets. I also included the notes to students at the front of each weeks section. I put all 36 weeks in one book. While I usually like to comb bind here at home I felt that the spiral binding from Office Max with plastic covers front and back would be a good way to spend my $$.


Then I created a geography book with all of our maps for the entire year. Yes, we may not get them all done but how much better is it to be prepared and not use them?



tog notebooks 023

Now that that project is done I am on to the next one: finish the year book for our Co-op by tomorrow nights picnic. Say a prayer I get this done! I do not want disappointed children.

Check back this weekend for a post on the picnic… I hope to do a few fun things with the children.

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