Quilting day..

July 16, 2011|11:33 pm

As I was re reading my last blog and talking about the quilt I’d like to do someday,I realized I haven’t shared here about my daughters’ quilts. Bethany and Dané were attending the 4H quilt club meetings this year before we decided that 4H was something that just had to go for my sanity. They started making quilts with many different blocks. Dané declared today quilt day and spent the morning at her house working on blocks. Bethany went over for awhile but soon quit. Then they decided to work over here in the kitchen where the new air conditioner is keeping it an wonderfully cool. They are of course, all done for the night and off to bed but have their stuff all set up hoping to get in a few more hours tomorrow.

quilting 008

This is what the breakfast nook looks like right now.

quilting 007

This was earlier in the day as they were both hard at work.

quilting 001

Some of Dané’s blocks all laid out. I am sure she will post more pictures on her blog soon. Seeing the beautiful quilts these two are making is what inspired me to buy my own fabric earlier today.

One Response to “Quilting day..”

  1. Looks like fun was had by all!!! Even those “not” working!