MN Homeschooling

July 22, 2011|9:58 am

just got a bit easier. Less nonsense paperwork that no one will ever read.  These are the changes as they were passed. Call and thank your government reps!


As part of the budget agreement, Governor Dayton signed into law a revised version of the 2011 Education Omnibus bill. Several of the provisions in this bill affect homeschooling in Minnesota. Changes to current law include the following:

  • Report cards are no longer required. Parents without a college degree are no longer required to submit quarterly report cards.
  • Limited yearly reporting. Homeschool families are required to submit a full compulsory attendance form one time: this will include instructional calendar, etc. After initial paperwork is filed, an annual letter indicating intent to continue homeschooling (and annual test choice) fulfills the reporting requirement. If you move or change school districts, this will require a full report.
  • Revocation of superintendent’s rights. The superintendent can no longer request a visit or to see homeschool materials/curriculum in lieu of said visit. While these materials can still be requested in criminal cases concerning child neglect, they must be made by the county attorney, not the superintendent.
  • Changes to annual testing requirement. Families must know – and indicate – which test they will be using in their annual letter. “To be determined” is no longer an acceptable response.
  • Homeschoolers seeking Driver’s Ed will no longer go through their school. Instead, the Department of Public Safety will have a form available for students to verify their homeschool status.

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  1. Isn’t that wonderful news!!!