New look of blog

July 25, 2011|9:01 pm

What do you think? I like it. I asked my at home geek if he would find me a summery theme. I figured that even if it is my least favorite season I should embrace the fact that it is a growing season.

That means delicious fresh foods. MMMMMMMMM. The sight of all those frozen bags of peaches and jars of peach preserves made me go a little crazy and I bought 65 more pounds of peaches. Sometime in the next 48 hours those boxes of peaches need to turn into the preserves and frozen- for- winter- bags they need to be to survive the heat of the summer. I know I’ll be happy we went to the work come January!

What’s your favorite season?

One Response to “New look of blog”

  1. looks great… but i don’t like the anti-spam quiz… i forget to answer it & then it loses my comments… and even if they are short i can’t remember them… so i have to think of them again… 🙂

    where are you buying your peaches from? not that i could can them i guess… and the 2 who could, or would are gone… so i guess it doesn’t matter anyway… have fun…

    favorite season… anyone that doesn’t stay too long 🙂 and no… i don’t think winter stays too long!