It’s that time of year again..

August 28, 2011|12:14 pm

Time to organize for Christmas!

HA! you thought I was going to say for school right? Well if you are starting school in September I assume you are almost done with planning your first few weeks. If not use this week as catch up and get it done. I have a day planned this week to make memories with my children, a day to finish most of the projects for co-op and a day set aside to finalize the daily details of our school plans. I will be done before the 1st of September is over!

Now back to the important stuff.. Holidays with our families. Our family embraces the Christmas holiday.. it may no be that Jesus actually has His birthday as December 25th but that is when we celebrate and we do celebrate! I want friends and family to know He is the reason for our joyous celebrations. In order to celebrate in the style I like it takes a LOT of pre planning and the biggest ally I have in that is a yahoo group called Holiday Grand Plan and a website called Organized Christmas .

This weeks challenge is to make our lists.. gifts to make gifts to to be done.. parties to have… and on and on… There are 119 days left until Christmas and don’t forget that there are a few other dates like Thanksgiving before that! So let’s get busy!

One Response to “It’s that time of year again..”

  1. good idea!!! this week, probably not… next week… a better chance 🙂