January 4, 2012|2:27 pm

We are planning on using KONOS this spring. That said,  I need a timeline. KONOS is the most effective hands-on homeschool curriculum I have ever used. One of the things that make it the best is the timeline that gives children the big picture of Historical and Science events. I really do not have a great space in my home for a time line so hubby and I have been kicking around many ideas. From a book of centuries to a line drawn on the hall wall to a science board with taped on lines. Pat suggested one that might really work. I am going to try and will report back.

His suggestion: to use the mirrored doors to our closet. They are about 5 x 7 so I will draw lines with the lycra glass crayons. BC on the left going up  to Jesus at the top and on the right hand side Jesus down to present day.

When I originally started the co-op my dream was to turn it into a unit study co-op for the younger children at least. We did a great US unit study but most people attending co-op didn’t buy the curriculum and they felt lost trying to follow my classes.  I think it is difficult to stay on task when there is no follow up accountability built in. My prayer is that using the Volume 3 KONOS group as my sounding board and accountability partners will replace the co-op group in meeting my needs as a homeschool mom.

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