Home again Home again

November 10, 2009|12:01 am

I was gone for 4 days to Missouri to see my nephew graduate from Basic Training and to spend some quality time with my sister in law and her family. Mom In Love and I spent a fun night of driving to the destination– we honestly meant to stop at a hotel but who wants to spend so much money for 4 or 5 hours of sleep. We tried a truck stop but police cars with lights a flashing sent us on our way again. The staff at the hotel let us check into our room at 7 am and so I got in another nap. Not mom though— she used the extra time for a visit with her daughter. I have some pictures but someone has run off with the camera again so maybe tomorrow. The day of my nephews graduation was made even more poignant by the afternoon events at Fort Hood. Fort Hood is where my eldest son is stationedso even though he is currently in Iraq any mention of it   perks up my ears. So imagine my horror when I found out a Major had gone off the deep end and shot up a building full of soldiers. 13 dead and 30 wounded – a horrible tragedy. My heart hurts for the families of these young men and women who have taken on the honor and responsibilty of defending America only to find themselve shot down in their home. God give them peace!

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