May 30, 2012|8:41 am


I heard a statement from a couple of different homeschoolers recently….and I took it to heart and it has really been a source of frustration. The person said.. if you don’t know what your doing after a couple of years of homeschooling you never will.

I have been thinking and praying about this statement and God has shown me a few things..

Well I do know I am homeschooling.. and I do know I am called to do so.. but every year it looks somewhat different. Am I doing something wrong? NO!

Every year our homeschool is different.. we add a child or have one graduate.. every child is different.. one struggles  with differing abilities in reading and writing while one teaches him or herself because you never quite get to it at the end of the day of struggling with, and alongside, the children who work at it for a lengthy time.

Is it wrong to continuously look at new material or new styles of learning? Not if it is what God wants of you! If you are seeking His will and listening to His voice how can it be wrong?

Every curriculum can work IF the mama makes it work with a committed effort.. but will it work as well as something different? Will it work if God has made that child a wide mark off the * “normal” path? Not if God is using the struggles and strengths of that child to grow him and /  or you ! Trust God ! Trust yourself to know your child. Keep seeking answers through prayer and research. And in the interim.. just remember to enjoy your children and this path in life!


*normal.. a term I use reluctantly here as people understand what I am driving at. Normal is really a setting on a dryer and should really not be used in connection with people!

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