1000 gifts and the Gratitude Community

November 10, 2009|12:23 am

holy experience

I have decided to take Ann @ Holy Experience (one of my all time favorite blogs) up on herchallenge idea inspiration to count a 1000 gifts from God. Intentionally choosing to be grateful and give praise for everything.

I will start my list with today’s overwhelming gift from God.

#1 I have been an emotional wreck for the entire day. Today is eldest child’s 29thbirthday which means tomorrow is the Anniversary of our second eldest son’s – Jamie Luke- death. While in the car tonight and listening to the christian station I heard a song that ALWAYS makes me cry and often at this time of year makes me break down completely. Instead of crying tonight though I felt the absolute presence of my God  saying “I am here. I know you have lost a child! But he is here in Heaven with Me  and My Child! I know you hurt but I am here!”

What an awesome experience! And I know it doesn’t mean that there will not be future tears of sadness but for now I’ll weep in God’s presence and be most grateful for it. Someday soon I will share all the wonderful things in my life that may not have occurred if we hadn’t lost our dear little boy the week before his second birthday. God is good in all things

Good Night!

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