June 29, 2012|9:07 pm

That’s me.. from this blog.. but what can I say…. life happens!

Actually really fun, busy life.

My dad is here and he stopped in Killeen TX as picked up my grandson. So the guys are all hanging our playing video games and watching movies.. with an occasional break to help put up hay or pick blackberries. I am visiting with my dad in between canning blackberries and making jam. I also managed to make four yummy loaves of banana bread and make grilled herbed chicken. Double YUM!

Next week more children and grandchildren will arrive. MORE FUN.

Then there will be a fast trip to Colorado for my nieces wedding

There are a lot of blog posts I have thought about doing… and maybe I’ll get to them soon. But in the mean time here are some fun (there is that word again) pictures.


phone 119

phone 118

phone 120

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