Counting what I am thankful for..

November 10, 2009|8:00 pm

I just saw the massive amounts of apples still in my dining room and on my deck. Undone.Slowly going to waste. I thought about chucking the whole lot out to the sheep and the horses.. after all, they would be grateful for them. But wait! I am choosing to be thankful! So I came in here to post a note about how glad I am we have been given these apples. Along with sausage making tomorrow I will be processing another batch of apple butter. Food for the soul and for our tummies. Nothing is better than being able to say”No worries, there is plenty of food downstairs.” when the winter lay off happens. I am determined my husband will not be stressed even if it turns into a six month layoff again this year.

apples_and_school 003

apples_and_school 002

Isn’t fall beautiful? Bringing home the apples was a blessing and so Gratitude number 2 is apples to be done. Number 3 is for the way the house smells while they are being done. Number 4 will be the topic of my next post.

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