Wow I have been blogging

August 7, 2013|11:37 am

for almost 4 years now. Sometimes a few times a year and sometimes a few times a week. I’ve gone back and forth on the usefulness of having a blog. Should I take the time to blog? Does anyone ever read it? Do I want anyone to read it?
I love reading blogs. I can get caught up and cruise from one to another following rabbit trails about homeschooling, gardening, frugal healthy living. Any manner of things. Whenever I write a post I tend to spend more time thinking about how it comes across than I like. I would love to just be fearless and speak my mind; however my thoughts don’t always come across in a kind and gentle manner as many of you know. Then I feel like I need to explain myself. Sometimes people genuinely choose to take things the wrong way. I am never sure if I should let that stop me from writing or not. It has kept me silent for weeks on end sometimes. I guess this is a question to decide at another point as I have written this post and I plan on publishing it :>) In the mean time it’s almost time to pick up my children from VBS. So I am off! If you have an opinion one way or another on blogging, bloggers aand / or blogs and there usefulness add a commen.t OK?

3 Responses to “Wow I have been blogging”

  1. I read it! Where are they going to vbs at?

  2. They are going to Word of Life Lutheran. It’s been a great week. Busy , but really enjoyable!

  3. I read it too! Blogs have a place — keeping in touch with people I don’t see regularly is one, and learning new things is another. I’m still working out the practice of blog-reading management. It can be a huge consumer of time if permitted.