Fair Time and Garden harvest!

August 25, 2013|6:27 pm

Started out to the State Fair on Friday… waited in line on the road for hours and no parking after spending over three hours trying to find parking we turned lemons into lemonade and went to chutes and ladders park. Had our picnic and came home. I was so proud of my older children for making a fun time out of what could have been a really rotten day! They made sure the younger boys had a great time and no one complained!


Garden vegetables everywhere! Made four quarts of pickled peppers and one broke!! So sad. We have tomatoes starting everywhere and every variety. A friend from work told Pat to have us come pick apples and so the children went with Dané and came home with about 4 and a half bushels.

We are trying State Fair take 2 tomorrow so Tuesday we will be making spaghetti sauce and apple butter.

Tonight’s menu is fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes, sliced tomatoes, cottage cheese and Grandma Ruth is bringing a zucchini casserole and Apple Cobbler for desert.

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