A thought and quick facts

January 16, 2014|9:31 am

Many people have recommended some great Christian books and bible studies on Forgiveness to me lately as I work my way through many issues. I keep planning on buying or borrowing one, getting busy with some study or other,but over the last day or so have begun to listen a little closer when I send up those please Lord prayers. Instead of a study of a book I needed to go to The Book. I decided to follow that prompting as I know it’s been there in the background for awhile. Not just since yesterday when I finally stopped and listened.

Using Bible study Tools from Crosswalk I decided to go look up Forgiveness and decided I wanted to know more about Peace. I sure am glad God knows the working of our minds! I looked up both. The NIV has 15 references to forgiveness. They revolve around His forgiveness of our sins. Not our forgiveness of others. HMMM food for thought.

Peace brought on an overwhelming number (231) of responses in the NIV. I think it is time to work my way around them.

Have a blessed day.

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