Snow, snow, and the winds do blow!

January 26, 2014|6:47 pm

It’s an old fashioned blizzard out there and we are stuck at home. I love weather like this. It is truly too icky to go out. We miss Jonathan as he is having a fun time at his cousins house but I am sure he doesn’t miss us!

Got a lot of the dreaded monthly paperwork / bill paying done today and spent hours researching hotel deals. Feels like a job well accomplished. While I was doing that Pat and the children attacked the house and got  it looking pretty good.

Since tomorrow is already basically shut down with all activities cancelled I plan on doing important things like making a fun to do for school list and sorting through crochet projects to determine the next one. (if I get real motivated I may clean my bedroom or craft / school room).

OHHHH I know the perfect thing to do tomorrow! Get out the garden magazines and start planning!

What do you do in a snow storm?

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