Prayers please

September 24, 2015|7:53 am

Tomorrow night we have our first Elevate Women meeting. These are going to be monthly meetings for now. I am hoping that other women will step in and plan a meeting or three this year but for right now I’m doing it. After our organizational meeting I came away with a few thoughts. Women want relationships, they want meat to chew on spiritually but often do not feel like they have time to follow up on a topic or study and they do not want another thing on their to-do lists.

Did I mention they want relationships? Every single woman who came to our meeting said she thought there was a connection piece missing. I’d like to fix that. I know it’s not up to me but I can provide one place, one time a month for women to connect at our church. I can also then use that one time to make sure we who start this can connect to others and invite them. It’s easier to start a conversation with another women at church if I have a specific topic to address. ” Hey have you heard we are getting together on Friday night for some fun and snacks? ”

So prayers please that tomorrow nights meeting will touch someone and make them feel connected.

2 Responses to “Prayers please”

  1. Prayers lifted. Love feeling connected to you with your blog. Miss you always

  2. Miss you too.I’m driving to Utah after History Fest for a wedding. If it were just Dané and I going I’d drive your way. One of these days I’ll make it towards you.