Today is a new day

January 15, 2014|7:12 am

and for today I resolve to not cut myself down. I will also walk away or disengage from a phone call  or text conversation where someone else cuts me down. I will not argue or defend myself. I will just remove myself from said conversation.

God created me to be me. If I am upset or grieving, if I am feeling hurt or down, I am allowed.

When I mention I cannot not deal with the many responsibilities in my life and ask for help, I will not accept being ignored. I have a right to ask. If people do not want to respond with something other than “Oh you handle always do” I do not have to handle everything. I am free to choose to drop things. The world is not on my shoulders and I need to quit picking it up.

I know everyone has days like this but mine is extending to months now and I declare today the day it begins to stop. It may take weeks or months. I will no longer accept the words “you’ve changed” as if I should automatically be apologizing.

Why YES I have changed. I think God expected me too. Maybe not in this way. Maybe I am not giving  enough, studying my Bible enough or being the person you want me to be. I am hoping God is not finished with me yet. That eventually I will be a better person. That eventually I’ll be the person He wants me to be and / or become. In the meantime please be patient.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2014|3:03 pm

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. Do you make resolutions? What are they? I decided a few years back to make goals and not resolutions. I have several I’ll share I’m the next few days but for now I’ll just share my word for 2014: CHOICES.
Please share yours!

There are days..

December 19, 2013|6:58 pm

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”~Galatians 6:9


Sometimes I feel weary.. it often results in a pity party doesn’t it? Trying to tell myself this pity party my mind was throwing needed to end, I was playing on the internet and ran across these words from His word. Ouch!

Less than two weeks

December 13, 2013|11:48 am

Before the blessed day we celebrate Jesus birth. My question is: Are we making the most of it? Are we using this time to to accept and celebrate the life that was lived and sacrificed for our salvation? Or are we thinking about what might be under the Christmas tree. OR worse for me.. worried about what I can afford to put under the Christmas tree? It’s a horrible habit.. worry is a SIN according to the Bible. Matthew and Luke have many references to worry but my personal life verse for the last few years has been

Do Not Worry
25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

So where are you at with your celebration? Do you lean towards a true celebration or more towards the worry end of things?

Sitting at Barnes and Noble

December 12, 2013|7:11 pm

Trying the new word press app the resident geek installed on my phone. I’ve had some thoughts recently if reviving my blog and sharing with friends.
In a couple of minutes another friend will join my daughter and I. Coffee and talk and laughter will follow.
Sometimes it’s nice to have another avenue to speak my thoughts. So I guess this is a test to see if I can use this app

Fair Time and Garden harvest!

August 25, 2013|6:27 pm

Started out to the State Fair on Friday… waited in line on the road for hours and no parking after spending over three hours trying to find parking we turned lemons into lemonade and went to chutes and ladders park. Had our picnic and came home. I was so proud of my older children for making a fun time out of what could have been a really rotten day! They made sure the younger boys had a great time and no one complained!


Garden vegetables everywhere! Made four quarts of pickled peppers and one broke!! So sad. We have tomatoes starting everywhere and every variety. A friend from work told Pat to have us come pick apples and so the children went with Dané and came home with about 4 and a half bushels.

We are trying State Fair take 2 tomorrow so Tuesday we will be making spaghetti sauce and apple butter.

Tonight’s menu is fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes, sliced tomatoes, cottage cheese and Grandma Ruth is bringing a zucchini casserole and Apple Cobbler for desert.

Wow I have been blogging

August 7, 2013|11:37 am

for almost 4 years now. Sometimes a few times a year and sometimes a few times a week. I’ve gone back and forth on the usefulness of having a blog. Should I take the time to blog? Does anyone ever read it? Do I want anyone to read it?
I love reading blogs. I can get caught up and cruise from one to another following rabbit trails about homeschooling, gardening, frugal healthy living. Any manner of things. Whenever I write a post I tend to spend more time thinking about how it comes across than I like. I would love to just be fearless and speak my mind; however my thoughts don’t always come across in a kind and gentle manner as many of you know. Then I feel like I need to explain myself. Sometimes people genuinely choose to take things the wrong way. I am never sure if I should let that stop me from writing or not. It has kept me silent for weeks on end sometimes. I guess this is a question to decide at another point as I have written this post and I plan on publishing it :>) In the mean time it’s almost time to pick up my children from VBS. So I am off! If you have an opinion one way or another on blogging, bloggers aand / or blogs and there usefulness add a commen.t OK?

Nothing is quite as satisfying in the

June 27, 2013|4:17 pm

early months of Summer as rows of tomato plants freshly weeded. Standing in the sunshine with blossoms just peaking out they are the epitome of  beautiful garden. Never mind that the beans to the right can’t quite be seen in their patch of weeds and that rhubarb to the left has started to turn to seed. I can narrow my vision and be happy with gorgeously growing, just weeded tomato plants!

Spring is almost here!

March 24, 2013|4:25 pm

Right? Please? It has to be close. We even bought baby chicks so there are signs of spring even though it doesn’t feel like spring.

We went and looked at the most adorable Alpacas today! They are fiber / pets. Not in the correct gene pool for reproducing and having a family of their own . Still three of the most gorgeous sources of fiber we have played with in a long while.

We would have to make a few changes in the way or pasture is set up in order to bring them here. We would have to change the indoor set up of the animals who share the back pasture. We would also have to move Dinner the bull to a new space until he reaches his final destination of the freezer. It could all be done. Hmm .

Only in my house

March 17, 2013|9:05 pm

Do you stand up to walk to the computer and trip over a dog. Move the cat or two even off the chair and (here is the part that makes it my house) Hear a child say “Jay your chickens are out!”
new chickens came to stay yesterday and with the blizzard forecasted for tomorrow they had to stay inside right?